How much to invest to save the tax calculator?

What is Tax Saving?

The public authority offers tax-saving ventures to both salaried and the independently employed to save money on charges. You additionally have charge exclusions and duty allowances that help you set aside cash to bring down your expense risk. A mainstream charge allowance is Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961. You are qualified for charge derivation up to a limit of Rs 1.5 lakh a year, under Section 80C on appropriate speculations and costs.

You may guarantee a derivation under Section 80C on interests in PPF, SCSS, EPF, VPF, ELSS, tax saver FD, NSC, NPS, interests in explicit post office plans, and Sukanya Samradhi Scheme among others. The ventures have a lock-in period, during which you can’t pull out the speculation. For instance, ELSS has a three-year lock-in period, while PPF has a 15-year lock-in period. You may choose the venture that has the least lock-in period relying upon your danger craving and speculation objectives.

What is a Tax Saving Calculator?

The tax saving calculator is a recreation that computes the assessments saved by utilizing the Section 80C tax derivations. Section 80C is a well-known tax-saving allowance where you can set aside a limit of Rs 1.5 lakh each monetary year, utilizing certain speculations and costs. The tax saving number cruncher comprises an equation box, where you enter the all-out available pay, and your present speculations or costs under Section 80C. Utilize this expense arranging calculator to realize the amount more you need to contribute to saving tax this year.

  • PF and NPS: Your commitment to the Provident Fund or the NPS as a component of the obligatory retirement reserve funds are qualified for allowance under Sec 80C.
  • Voluntary PF: Additional intentional commitments to Provident Asset get a similar tax reduction.
  • NPS: Under Sec 80CCD(1b), maximum Rs 50,000 is deductible as NPS. This is far beyond the Rs 1.5 lakh allowance under Sec 80C.
  • Insurance policies, pension plans and SIPs in ELSS reserves: Charges of existing life coverage strategies,Ulips and annuity plans and continuous SIPs of ELSS reserves.
  • Educational cost fee: Tuition expenses paid for the full-time schooling of up to two youngsters. Playschool expenses are additionally qualified for derivation.
  • Premium on NSCs: The compound premium that gathers on NSCs during the year is reinvested also, can be asserted as allowance
  • Home advance repayment: The principal segment of home credit EMIs is deductible, including home prepayments during the monetary year.
  • Stamp obligation and registration: Stamp obligation and enlistment charges for houses purchased during the monetary year can be asserted as derivation. 


Before picking a tax-saving instrument, it is imperative to factor in the danger level, lock-in period, liquidity, and returns. There is no reason for choosing an assessment saver item if it doesn’t exactly measure up for your likewise singular requirements. It additionally assists with remaining refreshed about the most recent improvements in tax-saving arrangements. Notwithstanding Section 80C, numerous citizens are curious about different segments of the Income Tax Act utilizing which they can essentially lessen their taxation rate.